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Ridextreme Wholesale's Staff

Jon Gracey
Jon Gracey (Manager)
Phone: 740-296-3493

14 years in the internet bike sales business. We were the first major US dealership to wholesale list units on Ebay in 2002. The RIDEXTREME seller name on Ebay and its subsequent offspring accounts have been selling to the public at heavily discounted prices for over a decade!

Josh Gardner
Josh Gardner (Internet Salesman)
Phone: 740-296-9653

A three year veteran of the internet bike sales force here, Josh's cordial personality and exceptional product knowledge combine for a customer favorite! Hard working and devoted to excellent customer service, call Josh for the smoothest, most enjoyable purchasing experience in the business.

Adam Sadler
Adam Sadler (Internet Salesman)
Phone: 740-296-3496

With 11 years in the business, Adam brings experience and confidence to the table. Specializing in export sales and multinational relationships, he has forged new trails in international commerce. Hard working and dedicated to making the deal happen, Adam is the anchorman of the Ridextreme experience.

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